Guest Policy

The FISH Committee believes that FISH exists for its members, that is, for those who pay their annual membership fees. It is this money which allows FISH to function and to screen a fine array of films each year. Membership is open to anyone. If local residents choose not to be members of FISH, then it is not possible to attend casual screenings. This also applies to family members of FISH members.

There have been, however, several occasions when FISH members have requested permission to bring a visiting friend/house guest. In these cases, either the FISH member would have to miss the screening, or the guest would be left at home. For such situations, the Committee has decided on the following policy.

Each FISH member will have the right to bring one guest, free of charge, to one FISH screening in any one year. For this policy to work, it will be necessary to apply for permission well in advance of the screening, so that numbers can be monitored. Obviously, in the event of a large number of guest applications for one particular screening, permission will not be given to everyone. The number of guest seats available for any one screening will only be small.

Deborah Blay will deal with guest applications. Ideally, one week’s notice should be given.

Requests are to be made to:
Deborah Blay 0400 411 004 by TEXT ONLY at least 24 hours before the screening.

Please also remember that permission will depend on the number of guest applications for that particular screening and that they will be dealt with in order of receipt.

A FISH Committee member will check all FISH membership cards at FISH screenings and this person will have a list of approved guests for that screening. No other guests will be able to attend.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We hope that you enjoy this next season of films.