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Last Film Show [India]2024
Nostalgia [Italy]2024
Saint Omer [France]2024
Alcarras [Spain]2024
My Old School2023
Decision to Leave2023
The Blue Caftan2023
A Hero2023
Quo Vadis, Aida?2023
Fire of Love2023
Hit the Road2023
The Rose Maker2023
A Son2023
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy2023
Days of the Bagnold Summer2023
Antoinette in the Cevennes2022
Skies of Lebanon2022
Riders Of Justice2022
Pain and Glory (Spain)2022
A War (Denmark)2022
Only the Animals (France)2022
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (France)2022
A Lion Returns (Australia)2022
Golden Voices (Israel)2022
The Eulogy (Australia)2021
Foxtrot (Israel, Germany, France, Switzerland)2021
Parasite (South Korea)2021
One Last Deal (Finland)2021
Romantic Road (United Kingdom)2021
The Third Wife (Vietnam)2020
The Realm (Spain)2020
The Heiresses (Paraguay)2020
Happy as Lazzaro (Italy)2020
Wajib (Palestine)2020
On my way (France)2019
Under the tree (Iceland)2019
Between land and sea (Ireland)2019
Shoplifters (Japan)2019
The reports on Sarah and Saleem (Israel)2019
The Guilty (Denmark)2019
After the Storm (Japan)2019
The Other Side of Hope (Finland)2019
The Insult (Lebanon)2019
Loving Vincent (UK/Poland)2019
Wednesday, May 9 (Iran)2019
A gun in each hand (Spain)2018
Lucky (USA)2018
Force Majeure (Sweden)2018
I, Daniel Blake (UK)2018
School Life (Ireland)2018
Loveless (Russia)2017
The Teacher (Czechoslovakia)2018
Like Crazy (Italy)2018
Neruda (Chile)2018
Just To Be Sure (France)2018
Jimmy’s Hall (UK)2018
Kumiko (USA)2017
The Last Hammer Blow (France)2017
The Fencer (Estonia/Finland/Germany)2017
The Second Mother (Brazil)2017
Toni Erdmann (Germany)2017
Things to Come (France)2017
Labyrinth of Lies (Germany)2017
Macadam Stories (Brazil)2017
Truman (Argentina)2017
A Pigeon Sat on a Tree Reflecting on Existence (Sweden)2017
The Nightingale (USA)2017
Alex and Eve (Australia)2016
Tehran Taxi (France)2016
Tanna (Netherlands)2016
The Crow’s Egg (India)2016
A Family Affair (Australia / Greece)2016
Rams (Iceland)2016
Far From Men (France)2016
The Mafia Kill Only in Summer (Italy)2016
Marshland (Spain)2016
Wild Tales (Argentina)2016
Living is Easy with Eyes Closed (Spain)2016
The Noble Family (Mexico)2015
Bethlehem (Israel)2015
20 Feet from Stardom (USA)2015
Human Capital (Italy)2015
Siddharth (India/Canada)2015
Diplomacy (France)2015
The Keeper of Lost Causes (Denmark)2015
The Lunchbox (India)2015
My Sweet Pepper Land (Kurdistan, Iraq, France, Germany)2015
Gabrielle (Canada)2015
In Bloom (Georgia)2015
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (UK)2014
Beyond the Hills (Romania)2014
Mud (USA)2014
Italy: Love It or Leave It (Italy)2014
Still Life (UK)2014
A Hijacking (Denmark)2014
Still Mine (Canada)2014
The Hunt (Denmark)2014
More than Honey (Swiss, German, Austrian)2014
About Elly (Iran)2014
Burning Man (Australia)2014
Skylab (France)2013
Babycall (Norway)2013
Bernie (USA)2013
The Angels’ Share (UK/France)2013
The Double Hour (Italy)2013
Waste Land (Brazil)2013
The Kid With a Bike (Belgium/France/Italy)2013
Chinese Takeaway (Argentina)2013
The Minister (France)2013
The King is Dead (Australia)2013
Norwegian Wood (Japan)2013
Happy, Happy (Norway)2012
Medianeras (Argentina)2012
Submarine (UK/USA)2012
Le Quattro Volte (Italy)2012
Newsfront (Australia)2012
The Station Agent (USA)2012
Red Like the Sky (Italy)2012
The Illusionist (France/UK)2012
Of Gods and Men (France)2012
Winter Sleepers (Germany)2012
How I Ended This Summer (Russia)2012