Pre-2012 Movie Listing


February Blow-Up
March The Edge of Heaven
April Farewell
May Topp Twins
June Everlasting Moments
July The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
August Inside Job
September Winter’s Bone
October The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Italy)
November Happy Together (Hong Kong)
December Mic Macs (France)


February Frozen River
March Seraphine
April The Choir
May Synecdoche, New York
June Looking for Eric
July Eden is West
August A Serious Man
September Welcome
October Into the Shadows
November Amreeka
December Many Kisses Later


February Deep Water
March Waltz with Bashir
April The Secret Life of Words
May The Sting
June Son of a Lion
July My Brother is an Only Child
August Appaloosa
September Quiet Chaos
October Two Fists One Heart
November The Girl by the Lake
December Suddenly


February The Page Turner (France)
March The African Queen (UK, USA)
April Transylvania (France)
May Solo (Australia)
June The US v John Lennon (UK)
July Dr Plonk (Australia)
August Hula Girls (Japan)
September Catch a Fire (South Africa)
October Valley of Flowers (India)
November Into the Wild (USA)
December Across the Universe


February Turtles Can Fly
March Live and Become
April C.R.A.Z.Y.
May Yesterday
June The Passenger
July The Child
August The Namesake (India/US)
September The Light (France)
October Hunt Angels (Australia)
November Heading South (France/Canada)
December The Story of My Life (France)


April Lost in La Mancha
May Travellers and Magicians
June Moolaade
July Nobody Knows
August Rock School
August Candy
September Little Jerusalem
October Winter Solstice
November Fateless
December Tsotsi