Films in the Southern Highlands | Membership & Committee
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Membership & Committee

Each season, FISH shows 11 quality films of varied genres from a diverse range of world cultures. Each month (except January, when there is no film), members may attend either of two screenings: Sunday at 10.00 am or the following Tuesday at 8.15 pm.

FISH is independent of the Empire and its film programs but we are very grateful for the support given by the Empire Cinema, Bowral, where all our films are screened.

Each month, a Newsletter is sent to all members by email or post. It contains the film program, reviews and information to enhance your membership experience.


The membership renewal and new applications period for 2017/2018 is now over, with our full membership of 400 quickly reached. We expect that the process for current members to renew and for others wishing to join for 2018/2019 will commence in the period April/May 2018 and be finalised by the end of June 2018.


President: Ross Armfield
Vice President: Sandra Gillespie
Treasurer: James Saville
Minutes Secretary: Virginia Romney
Membership Secretary: David Cowie
Newsletter Editor/Film researcher: Elizabeth Stevenson
Website: Neill Ustick
Committee Members: Caro Kennewell
Chris Bell
Roslyn Garwen