Membership & Committee
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Membership & Committee

Each season, FISH shows 11 quality films of varied genres from a diverse range of world cultures. Each month (except January, when there is no film), members may attend either of two screenings: Sunday at 10.00 am or the following Tuesday at 8.15 pm.

FISH is independent of the Empire and its film programs but we are very grateful for the support given by the Empire Cinema, Bowral, where all our films are screened.

Each month, a Newsletter is sent to all members by email or post. It contains the film program, reviews and information to enhance your membership experience.


Current members are asked to renew their memberships in the period 1-21 May, 2019. 

On 1 May, renewal forms will be mailed to all current members — at the address that FISH holds for them. They are to be returned by mail to FISH PO Box 1330 Bowral NSW 2576 to be received by 21 May, 2019. 

Members likely to be away in May

We regret that FISH membership renewals cannot be processed early to accommodate members who may be away during the renewal period. In order to assist members in this position, we offer the following options:

  1. If you normally pay by Direct Debit, arrange a future dated payment and send your full name/s and contact details by email to : or post to P.O. Box 1330 Bowral 2576 advising that you have arranged the payment.


  1. Send a post-dated cheque with your full name/s and contact details to: P.O. Box 1330 Bowral 2576.

We hope for your understanding in this matter, as in order to comply with The Empire’s request to limit FISH membership and to make the renewal procedure fair for all, the Committee processes all renewals on a single day.

New Members:

After 21 May, there is likely to be a specific number of places available (as determined by the Committee) on offer to members of the public. ‘New Member’ application forms for FISH will be made available from 22 May on this FISH website and as hard copies at the Empire Cinema box office. Completed forms can be emailed to or hard copies mailed to FISH, PO Box 1330, Bowral NSW 2576, in either case to be received by 6 pm, 31 May, 2019. 

New Member Application Form: Click here.

You can download this Word file and type into it, then email the saved version; another option is to download and print it, then write on it and mail it to FISH, PO Box 1330, Bowral NSW 2576.

When this application period expires, if the number of applications received is more than the number of places available, a ballot is conducted by Committee members to determine those applicants to be offered membership. Immediately after the ballot has been conducted, successful applicants drawn in the ballot are sent by mail/email an ‘Offer of Membership’; unsuccessful applicants are sent an ‘Unsuccessful FISH application’ letter and notification of placement on a Waiting List.

If membership availability occurs during the film season, as soon as possible after the vacancy becomes known, the next applicant on the Waiting List is offered the place. The cost of this new membership is determined by the number of films remaining during the season X $6 (e.g., seven films remaining means a membership fee of $42 per member is levied).


President: Ross Armfield
Vice President: Sandra Gillespie
Treasurer: James Saville
Minutes Secretary: Virginia Romney
Membership Secretary: Paul Williams
Newsletter Editor/Film researcher: Elizabeth Stevenson
Website: Neill Ustick
Committee Members: Caro Kennewell
Roslyn Garwen