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The film follows six couples between Christmas and Valentine's Day - episodes that intertwine and revolve around the matters arising from the end of a love affair and the ways former romantic partners can shape our lives. Some relationships have turned into hatred, others into friendships, for others instead the flame of love is still burning… The film begins with many declarations of love and lots of kisses… But then, does love go on? Did they indeed live happily ever after? The stellar cast includes Claudio Bisio, Silvio Orlando, Nancy Brilli, and Claudia Gerini plus French stars César-winner Malik Zidi (Poison Friends) and Cécile Cassel (sister of Vincent). Brizzi mixes clever social observation, entertaining dialogue, comic situations, a sprinkling of drama, a dash of sex and exotic locations to boot – it's handsome viewing.

IMDB ( International Movie Data Base ) Review:
Handsome? I'd call it very handsome... location wise we have Italy, Paris and Wellington NZ... the scenes perfectly capture each location with localities carefully thread into the plot. Cast wise we have a large company of actors and actresses. Claudio Bisio who plays the university lecturer is a fine looking man. Priest Don Leonardo is played by Flavio Insinna, another charming good looking Italian actor. The whole cast of younger (Claudio Bisio's on screen daughters) and older character actors, a great soundtrack and plot fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

You know a great romantic comedy with some drama thrown in (the course of love is not always smooth and a straight line) by the way it builds and builds to the final release or declaration of all that unresolved tension.

Many Kisses Later will not disappoint on this point. It's an engrossing and delightful journey for any lover of romantic comedy. And like every good/great romantic comedy MKL will stand a lot of repeat viewings and still delight. Small wonder it was this years (2009) Italian box office champion.

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